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I had been looking around for a Sports Massage Therapist for sometime and when Tessa was mentioned to me - I thought I'd give it a go.  Wow! I am so pleased that I did.  I do high intensity training 5 times per week and I was full of aches, pains and knots and, and, and...... With her sensitivity and natural ability Tessa was able to listen to what I was telling her but also really tuned into my body and knew when and where to focus.  With a mixture of massage and acupuncture I come out of each session with a spring in my step, rejuvenated and 'raring to go'. The quality of my training has significantly improved. Thoroughly recommended!


Nicole Marais - Psychotherapist, Life Coach and triathlete

I went to see Tessa Glover on the advice of a cyclist friend who knew I'd been suffering from an upper shoulder/back pain for a few weeks. Nothing I'd managed to do could shift it - rest was also not working! I saw Tessa twice - and after just the first visit the pain was 80% reduced. She pinpointed what was wrong swiftly, dealt with the areas contributing but crucially gave me the knowledge I needed to better understand what was wrong - which often is I think such an important part of the cure.  I'd recommend anyone to see her, she's excellent and her manner on top of it all is comforting and re-assuring and deeply knowledgeable.

Ceri Barnes, Producer.


While training for a long distance bike ride, I went to see Tessa for a few massages. I had a long standing hamstring problem and general muscle strain in my legs, both of which cleared up significantly after a single session. As a massage therapist, Tessa is knowledgeable, professional and extremely competent. After a massage from her you feel relaxed, restored and revitalized!


Harvey McGavin, Teacher.



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