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First Contact 

When you first contact me by phone or by email, I will ask you to give a brief description of your reason for wanting a massage so that we can make sure this is the right treatment for you and your condition.  If I feel it would be more appropriate to see your GP, or an Osteoptath for instance, I will let you know at this point.  Also if you have a fever, heavy cold or are in an acute state of injury this should not be treated with massage.


Your First Appointment

Your first appointment will be approximately one hour long. We will go through your medical history, making notes of any significant injuries, accidents or operations. I will also ask you about the health of your parents and siblings and whether you are currently taking any medication.


I will ask you to dress down to your underwear and give you a postural assessment which may include taking your affected joint(s) through their full range of movements and carrying out appropriate tests. Discussing my findings with you and together discussing the kind of treatment that would be of the most benefit to you.


Once this has been completed, you will receive a massage treatment followed by a chat on how your condition responded to the massage and what further needs to be done. 


I may give you rehabillitation exercises or stretches to do at home that might help improve your posture and assist with getting you back to full function without pain.


60 minute massage £70

90 minute massage £105

Windrush 60 minute massage £63

West Norwood Therapies Prices 

the Practice at 322 Prices

Please telephone 020 7018 0770

or book online

90 minute massage £105

60 minute massage £75

Cancellations and Late Arrivals.

If you cannot make your appointment please let me know at least 24 hours in advance or you may be charged the appointment fee. Similarly if you arrive late for your appointment you will only be seen for the remaining time booked and will be charged the full appointment amount. 

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